Professional Land Surveying
Survey Galveston  Texas

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Galveston, Texas 77550
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Services / Prices

Price list: Just as tracts of land differ, as do requirements from various lenders, title companies and governmental agencies, so might our prices.

Service Details Cost
Residential Land Title Survey: Stake property corners and provide plat representing tract and any improvements: $500.00
Elevation Survey: FEMA elevation certificate and benchmark for construction requirements: $350.00
Ordered in conjunction with a Land Survey $300.00
Topographic Survey For beach front construction (elevation certificate included) $920.00
Construction Package: Lot stake and elevation certificate as above $750.00
"Form" check - check of location of pilings or forms (if required) $250.00
Final / as-built survey $400.00
Final elevation - for insurance and/or occupancy permit $250.00

Other surveying services such as Field Notes (property description by metes and bounds, topographic surveys including utility locations, commercial property surveys and acreage surveys (over an acre of land) are quoted on a per job basis. Our usual turnaround time is 3 to 5 working days, accommodating emergencies as time permits.

All prices subject to state sales tax